jino and kyungsoo    
jino and kyungsoo

Hello! This is a blog dedicated to the otp JiSoo ... Jino (SM the Ballad) and Kyungsoo (EXO-K). Posts will mostly be centered around those two and occasional EXO.


Jino’s new selca (date unknown)

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  • chanyeol sneaking up on jinho and wrapping his arms around jinho’s shoulder from behind like “jinhoooyah! let’s take a picture!”

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baby jino’s precious smiles ♡

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forever waiting for the day sm lets you out of whatever jail cell they’re hiding you in —

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92.04.17 happy birthday jino! still awaiting your debut!

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Anonymous asked: Please, I beg you, could you explain the "case" of Kyungsoo and Moonkyu?

we’re not sure what you mean by kyungsoo and moonkyu case? did you mean jino and moonkyu?