jino and kyungsoo    
jino and kyungsoo

Hello! This is a blog dedicated to the otp JiSoo ... Jino (SM the Ballad) and Kyungsoo (EXO-K). Posts will mostly be centered around those two and occasional EXO.

baby jino’s precious smiles ♡

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forever waiting for the day sm lets you out of whatever jail cell they’re hiding you in —

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92.04.17 happy birthday jino! still awaiting your debut!

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Anonymous asked: Please, I beg you, could you explain the "case" of Kyungsoo and Moonkyu?

we’re not sure what you mean by kyungsoo and moonkyu case? did you mean jino and moonkyu?

Anonymous asked: Is there any proof that kyungsoo and jino are really close friends? :D

.. no LMFAO. i’m assuming jino must be close to at least one of the exo members though because they’ve been training together for so many years, friendship must’ve occured? and we know that jino visited exo’s showcase as well. as for kyungsoo and jino being close, we don’t know (but would like to imagine) LOL


Recently, the Jino fandom was met with surprise when a twitter claiming to be Jino of SM the Ballad appeared before our very eyes! There was little to refute—it was very very convincing and a lot of people split and divided on whether or not they would believe that this twitter was indeed valid. The admins of jinokyungsoo themselves took the stance that the twitter was valid, although this was, as we stated previously and will continue to state, a position that was assumed under the absolute knowledge and awareness that there was little proof that it was actually valid.

It was, however, brought to our attention recently that the likelihood of the validity of Jino’s twitter has been compromised due to some new information we’ve been provided. In short, there are a few tweets that we’ve seen from an account that had been confirmed to be valid questioning the validity of “The Question,” a group that Jino’s twitter has been hinting towards and the validity of Moonkyu’s twitter account.


Translation: Moonkyu hyung doesn’t use Twitter.

There is an explanation. There is no confirmation that Jino’s twitter is fake—we’re simply assuming by the linkage that exists based on the interactions of Jino and Moonkyu. We are not in any position to explain to the masses what our proof is because again, this has not been confirmed.

This is just a general announcement that if Jino does continue to tweet on this account—if it even is his account—we will no longer be translating the tweets here.

Thank you!